1. cruelty, viciousness, ruthlessness; ferocity, fierceness, savagery, ferity, truculence, fellness; brutality, brutishness, barbarism, inhumanity; pitilessness, mercilessness, heartlessness, unkindness, hard-heartedness; relentlessness, remorselessness, implacability, inexorability; murderousness, bloodthirstiness, cold-bloodedness; harshness, severity, grimness, dreadfulness; flagrancy, heinousness, nefariousness, shamelessness; sadism, animalism, cannibalism, fiend-ishness, deviltry, diablery.
2. atrocity, outrage, enormity, depravity, Archaic. immaneness; slaughter, carnage, butchery, massacre, bloodletting; killing, murder, assassination, homicide; torture, torment, persecution, oppression; destruction, vandalism, pillage, depredation, ruination.
3. crudity, vulgarity, coarseness, grossness, rudeness, roughness, Gothicism; boorishness, crassness, bearishness, loutishness, churlishness; incivility, unrefinement, uncouthness, inurbanity; ungentlemanliness, inelegance, indecorum; impropriety; ungentility, ill-breeding, commonness, commonality, rusticity, plebianism.
4. ostentation, gaudiness, gaudery, tawdriness, mere-triciousness, speciousness; pomposity, affectation, pretension, showiness; orotundity, coxcombry, peacockery, foppery; bombast, flatulence, fustian, rant; turgescence, turgidity, grandiloquence, sesquipedality, Archaic. tympany, altiloquence.

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